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03/27/2003 Archived Entry: "Jeremiah was a bullfrog..."


Jeremiah was a bullfrog. And that's why this entry goes backward in time.

I don't know why but I've been singing that off and on today. The fact that I work with a Jeremy makes it slightly more amusing to me. I guess it's kind of a slow work day, a point illustrated when the majority of the shop (and Technology secretary) were discussing the plans for evacuating the building in the event of a fire (i.e. - jumping out of windows). We weren't doing a preparedness drill, someone just looked out and said "Boy, that's a long drop" and it just kind of flowed from there. The mayhem that just spontaneously occurs out here, I tell ya.

I'd just gotten back from one high school...the one that we look to with a sense of mounting dread most days. I don't know why, but that's just an evil school. I don't think it's so much the people...it's almost like the house in the Amityville Horror. Like you walk in and you just feel "something is not right here". Equipment sent there breaks more, works slower and in general it's just like a bizarre vortex of blahness. Kind of interesting to start the day when I walk into the room and the teacher (who's fairly young and pretty) says that I'm "her Lone Ranger"....take that how you will. Finally cleared up some stuff over there so now we're down to 10 work orders again. I get the feeling that some of the work orders simply will never go away, so you know...

Last night was the realization that Americans are not the most idiotic people in the world. People in other countries make even Bubba redneck look intelligent. Maybe it's just the protesters against this war are just universally stupid? I mean, the idea that protests will actually end a war in a non-election year is moronic to begin with. The idea that people protesting in OTHER COUNTRIES is just....wow...takes a special brand of idiot. Then there's this crap about it being all about oil. Now, I realize that the education system is probably crap elsewhere, so they don't know better, but again....that takes a special brand of idiot. For those who don't understand, keep reading. For those that do understand why they're morons for saying that, skip to the paragraph after next.

Saying the US is in there for oil is like saying the basketball players union is arguing for lower wages for NBA players. It doesn't make sense. Sure, if the US conquers Iraq and tries to set up the 51st state there, the argument would hold merit, but the US has no interest in staying there. Do we want to put in a stable, non-terror based government? Yes. Does that mean they'll stay friendly to the US for ever and ever amen? Doubtful. Hell, Europe would probably be part of the Third World if it hadn't been for the US and you see how much they support us fifty years later. Now, factor in that it is FAR from the US's best interest for a stable Middle East. Why wouldn't stability be in our best interests? Look at the Middle East. Oil-rich nations with not a clue on how to do anything other than drill oil and oppress their populations. None of these nations has anything close to a competent military anymore except Iraq and Iran. Iran I think will have taken the hint by its two neighbors being smashed to behave itself (which is something it has been doing). Now, if Iraq were to attack Saudi Arabia, they have no illusions on how much of an ass-kicking they'd take, so they sell their oil cheaper to suck up to America so we send our troops to die. Now, take out this threat. America will still buy the oil, we have no reason to be nice to them....why not sell it for more? Drives the cost of oil up to stabilize that region. As the final nail in this stupid, stupid argument of theirs, look at Alaska. There's more oil under that place then there is in the entire Middle East. It's just such "pristine wilderness" that people object to it being drilled and it's easier to buy it then set up cold-weather rigs. But if we wanted it, we could certainly go out there and get it, bypassing the need for the Middle East. No, getting rid of Saddam is not about oil, it's not about imperialism, it's about removing a horrible leader from his position where he can hurt his own people and stifle their development because it suits his megalomanical needs.

Prior to that I had set up my new paint carousel. Now I can see all my paints at one time and not have to clutter up the table to do so. Made me realize that I had a LOT of some colors. Think there's four bottles of Imperial Purple and four of Boltgun Metal (and that's "like new" bottles....not dried up ones). I also took out my new calvary pistoliers from their blisters and tried to play with them. Another one of those "limited pose deals" where I got six models...possible 3 poses, 5 of one pose and 1 of another. *sigh* Oh well, I got them and my Empire army is about 1500 points of troops now (and I'm looking over at Mrs. G's weakling little 500 points when I say that...)

Before that....well, we're skipping that because I don't particularly care to revisit it.

I got my starmat in yesterday as well. Lot bigger than I had planned on, but it DOES look pretty cool. Now I just need to find a place to set it up and take pictures of my ships...

Finally, we got a new guy at work. He's working with us until we figure out his schedule for rotation amongst the techs. Seems like a nice enough guy, he likes to learn etc. He was tickled pink putting in user accounts yesterday (and today) which is something we usually look to as a major chore (having entered in 3000 or so users) so that was nice. This *is* a complex system to get used to, but hopefully he'll come along quickly enough and not be corrupted by those hideous Macintosh computers. If he does, oh well...lol

Think that's enough random mayhem for now...catch ya all later!

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