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I hate these stupid stupid commercials on TV about don't do drugs and don't smoke. Oh my God can they be any more annoying? First off I disagree with them on principle but then to make them IDIOTIC on top of that? It's just too much.

First up on the firing squad is the commercials from Truth about smoking. OH MY GOD SHUT UP ALREADY. I don't care what super-secret plots the tobacco companies have. I don't care how many people die a day from cigarette smoking and I'm REALLY annoyed with your idiotic stunts to demonstrate this. YOU'RE STUPID, YOU'RE DOING A STUPID THING. STOP already....TV is mindless enough without your drivel.

In a similar vein is the "Y?" campaign. "Can anyone give us a reason smoking ISN'T stupid?" Can anyone give me a reason that welfare isn't stupid? How about affirmative action? Can anyone give us a reason that you can vote when you're 18 but can't gamble or drink till you're 21? Can anyone explain why we'd stop fighting a war simply because "ooo! look! We can end the war 100 hours after it started!" WITHOUT actually doing anything to achieve our objectives? How about any of them? We're a country built on doing stupid things. God, if we stopped doing stupid things, I think America would cease to exist.

The next offender is our own government, which is nothing new. Their anti-drug campaigns have always been laughable, but DAMN I think the linking terrorists and drugs is a new level of...lunacy. Yes, drug money supports terror....so does oil money....so does probably any money that gets to a country that doesn't like us (which currently is the majority of the world). To say that stopping drug use will stop terror is a specious claim at best. Then they come out with this "it's more dangerous than we thought" crap about marijuana. These commercials almost take the cake for being retarded. They imply that marijuana can cause kids to shoot each other! OH MY GOD...LEAVING YOUR GUNS UNLOCKED WHERE YOUR CHILDREN CAN GET THEM DOES THAT YOU RETARDS! It causes car accidents....DRUNK DRIVING, CELL PHONES AND JUST IDIOTS ON THE ROAD PROBABLY CAUSE MORE. It causes teenage pregnancies...NO, STUPID KIDS DO THAT. We want to blame drugs for our own lack of any common sense...it's everything's fault but our own lack of intelligence!

See, the real reason I object to these things is not because I'm one of those people who thinks that there's no harm in having fun. I know drugs are dangerous, they can be addictive and a lot of people's lives have been ruined because of drug addiction (both directly and indirectly). The problem is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell people that they can't do something. If you believe in such things, God has been telling us for 6000+ years not to kill each other...we're doing really good on that one, lemme tell you...just turn on the TV and see! So if GOD can't get us to stop doing things, what the hell chance do you think our little government has? Does that stop us from trying? Nope, and the end result is we blow tons and tons of money trying to stop drugs while at the same time artificially inflating the prices of said drugs creating the exact environment that we claim to want to stop. Yes, that's right...DRUG LORDS AND DRUG MONEY ARE CAUSED BY ANTI-DRUG LAWS. It's the EXACT concept that gave rise to the bootleggers and mobsters of the 1920s with Prohibition and all the violence, corruption and murder that revolved around that. GET A FUCKING CLUE AMERICA...STOP WASTING MONEY AND TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIVES.

Yes, people will get hurt. There's a good possibility that a lot of people will overdose and die and a lot of people could lose loved ones and people they care about. You know what I have to say to you? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ASSHOLE. Don't sit there and bitch about how your friend started using drugs and now is a crackhead...BE A FRIEND AND KEEP THEM SOBER IN THE FIRST PLACE. Be supportive when they need you, go out and do things so you're not bored...hell, if you're strapped for ideas, GO HELP THE HOMELESS. But that's work, and we can't actually GIVE A FUCK about those we care about...we'll let the government do that. We'll let the government do what we should be doing for our family and friends....that's what government's for, right? To do everything that we can't be bothered with. No wonder other countries hate us, we don't even do a damned thing for the people we claim to care about.

For those wondering, smoking falls in the same category...let people do what they want. If some people die...well, Lord knows we've held natural selection up long enough...take care of your own family and friends and you probably won't see too much in the way of problems. Or don't do anything and whine and bitch about it...your choice, but stop wasting money and airwaves with your asinine garbage.

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I can't say much about the ads... that'll hopefully be in the future one day, and I won't give two fucks whether it's an ad for socks or assisted suicide, so long as I'm making a decent living! *wink* But yeah, they're lunacy.... lunacy with monetary backing, political backing, blah blah... so it's lunacy that will continue. A LOT of things are frivolous but they continue and/or start daily. People should be able to live their lives the way they want - yes - I agree with that... and if they OD on heroin, oh-fucking-well, y'know? I mean, yeah their families will be devastated....but that was a choice that person made. Sometimes all the family support you can give doesn't help though - so you can't necessarily blame it on the families for not helping out the person -- that's just another scapegoat for junkies to fall back on because they're too weak and pathetic to stop themselves. If they just legalize half the shit they prohibit (my main gripe being marijuana) they could just tax the shit out of it, and fuck the importers. Hell, you're even giving more people jobs -- farm to grow, people to run it, new companies, distributors... ya get the picture. Anyway... enough from me.

Posted by Ally @ 03/25/2003 10:53 PM EST

Yes, there are some people that no amount of support will save. But these are the people that no amount of anti-drug laws are going to save either...they'll start sniffing gasoline if we get rid of all the drugs...so by government logic, we should stop using gas! Heh, they'd never do that...almost makes SENSE...

Posted by Krin @ 03/25/2003 10:56 PM EST

Hey I wasn't disagreeing with you! You were right! The laws are 'tarded -- but, y'know.. I dun even trust the government anyway, so I'm always suspicious of their intentions for things..... If I enjoyed history and knew it even half-ass I'd run for office eventually, just to cause a commotion. And boy, would I ever!

Posted by Ally @ 03/25/2003 10:58 PM EST

The government is always trying to enforce morality. A hangover from when religion served as the basis of law. It's a losing cause and you'd think after a couple hundred years, they'd get a clue...that's those consevative starched white collar Americans for you....you tree-hugging hippy!

Posted by Krin @ 03/25/2003 11:00 PM EST

I'm not a hippy! I have *some* conservative views somewhere, I think!! And about that religion/government thing..... one word - Israel. *nods knowingly*

Posted by Ally @ 03/25/2003 11:02 PM EST

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