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03/25/2003 Archived Entry: "Man Overboard!"


Well, new BETA files anyway. It's really pathetic how reliant upon that program I've become to tell me what points value my armies of toyz have. See, the game assigns a fairly arbitary value to each model depending on how effective it is in relation to the rest of it's fellows. In this system, the guy carrying a tank-busting weapon costs more "points" than the guy with the club does. By the same token, tanks cost more than infantry. The problem is with all the upgrades and customizations that take place, it gets really confusing really fast. This program helps break it down into nice chunks and keep you from having to do all the math by hand.

The Chaos Codex screwed all that up because there is simply *so* many options for everything. The codex was released back in November-ish of last year and they STILL haven't gotten it completely done yet. As an illustration, the Daemonhunters Codex released early February already is starting to look quite complete.

Problem is that without this program, I have no idea how ludicrous my plans are. I was thinking a Grey Knight army with a Grand Master, 25 Terminators and 60 Grey Knights in Power Armor (3 normal squads, 2 Teleport Attack Squads and a full Purgation squad). I punched these numbers into Army Builder and came back with an army of 3305 points. That's a lot...my entire Imperial Guard Army of 110 infantry, 2 Battle Tanks, 1 Artillery piece, 4 APCs, 1 Superheavy tank and 1 bomber is 3529 points. And the Imperial Guard would probably do some heavy hitting against the Grey Knights with those tanks....sure the infantry would drop faster than the stock market, but that's what they're there for. Guardsmen are really just fleshly ablative armor. ;)

In other news, ummm.....the Warstore finally billed me, but nothing yet from Forgeworld. Work orders progess....and I still see nothing on my investment portfolio. Oh yeah, I have an exam today...wee...it should be such fun (kill me now)! I do so love taking tests (kill me)! Shouldn't be too bad, you know...everyone understands routing protocols...EVERYONE!!! DAMN YOU!!! COMPREHEND!!!

Yeah, boredom is a terrible thing. ;) As is giving anyone from South Carolina the ability to post comments evidently, further evidence that boredom is a terrible thing. Anyway I was just thrilled that I got those Army Builder files...I lead such a simple life. Talk to you all later...I have a Grey Knight army to trim down...

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hehe hehe But I add such life and comedy to your blog! Should I just stop commenting altogether, it would be an international tragedy!

Posted by Ally @ 03/25/2003 01:39 PM EST

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