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03/24/2003 Archived Entry: "Nifty"

Wow...8:30 got here WAY too fast. Feels like I just woke up...

Anyway, it's weird the way banking works. I have two different orders pending on my credit card, and yet neither has been posted. I just find that...GUR...especially since one of them was ordered about this time last week (see also: Chaos Dreadnoughts). They better start posting dammit!! That's how I know when to get indignant when they don't show up dammit!

The bubble finally burst on that retirement account, as it slid all the way down to $312...at least the money they took out (ON FRIDAY) won't get added till tomorrow, so at least I'll be buying more shares with it. Again, you take out the money...then you do nothing with it...but like I said, in this case at least it worked out to my advantage.

This weekend, as usual was pretty boring to just about anyone but me. Most of it was spent on toyz (ok...have you people noticed a theme yet?) and talking to Ally. I'm am *thrilled* with how the Grey Knights turned out. They look terrific and barely take any time to paint. My Chaos Marines take longer and look less impressive, but I think that's more a tribute to the details on these models than my painting skills.

My arm looks like I went through a freaking war. I took Nimitz on a car ride over the weekend...apparently the last time he was in a kitty carrier was when we took him to the vet to be "snipped" so I guess he had some unpleasant memories as any male of any species would. Overall he was pretty good (for a demon-spawned hellcat) but something tells me that I won't be taking him out for anymore trips. If I ever suggest such a thing again, any and all of you are to beat me....repeatedly. I do crack up when I go outside to start shaking up spray paint and he'll stand up on his back legs and push against the door trying to get the rattle on the other side...he's like seven feet tall when he stands on the couch and does that. He's about one foot tall at all other times...long little bastard...almost a snake.

Speaking of spray paint, OMG is it the greatest invention EVER. I got all the Steel Legion infantry and sentinels (about...60 models all told) primered in about 15 minutes. I also got 10 more Grey Knights basecoated with Boltgun. Did I mention I'm THRILLED with how those models turn out??

I now leave you with the following gem from one of my weeked conversations (order slightly edited to make more sense):

Shannan: and all over a silly boy! balh
Krin: i lost mine already....it's fun
Shannan: it's fun once it's gone, but it's not fun while in the process of losing it
Krin: your head is so much lighter when you don't have that heavy brain to carry around
Shannan: very true
Shannan: but i'm rather attached to my brain, thank you
Shannan: yes, it tends to get me into troubble
Shannan: but still
Krin: lord knows i never actually *used* the thing....my only regret is that i didn't get a chance to sell it on eBay

Replies: 6 Witch Burnings

Boo Boo Kitty... whaaaaaaaaaaat? hehehehehehe I'm bored!

Posted by Ally @ 03/24/2003 09:17 PM EST

Go give your husband some :P That should take up a good...three minutes...if he's been well-rested and eating properly. :P!

Posted by Krin @ 03/24/2003 09:21 PM EST

Listen, I *know* you have problems with your own *ahem* performance, so I'll take that last comment as a simple outburst made in the heat of the moment. You know as well as I that the average quickie with me is *at least* 15 minutes. sheesh Besides, he's still tired from our last go-round, and I *have* to occupy myself somehow. And I didn't see any rabbits come in from the USPS...so...

Posted by Ally @ 03/24/2003 09:28 PM EST

Hey, what you do to poor defenseless woodland creatures in your own time is your business...but that DOES explain why all the goats down there in Podunk have a grin on their face all the time...and the donkeys...and the horses....and even a few of the cows! Shocked...shocked and appalled is all I can say.

Posted by Krin @ 03/24/2003 09:30 PM EST

Shame. To think I have to be so blunt about things. Your sexual fantasies about beastiality aside, the "rabbit" as I call it, is in fact a VIBRATOR (a veeerrrry nice one at that - five stars girls!). Not an actual woodland animal. Psycho.

Posted by Ally @ 03/24/2003 09:36 PM EST

That's what you'd say if it *was* a woodland animal...ISN'T IT?!

Posted by Krin @ 03/24/2003 09:50 PM EST

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