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Seems to me that I have very expensive hobbies. This realization was really driven home as I was spraying some models with my new Boltgun Metal paint (gotta cut corners somewhere to get some models done, ya know?). See, here's the thing. The models in question are $5 each right now...box of 5 costs 25 dollars, so that's pretty simple math. They'll be slightly (very slightly) cheaper when you can buy just the troopers at $4.50 each, but anyway. $5 metal models that, not surprisingly, are bare metal. So they're all over silver...then you need to glue them...good super glue costing about $2.50. Once you assemble them, you need to primer them, a can costing about $3 at K-Mart. THEN you need to basecoat it Boltgun Metal, which is $8 a can. To actually paint it, you need brushes, and I've found Citadel brushes, while insanely priced, DO work better than the other brushes, so that's $12 in brushes. Then you need 4 different metallic paints at $3.25 each...plus 5 or so normal paints at $2.25 plus two inks at $1.99. Then, you need some Matte Varnish which is also $8. So to paint a single Grey Knight from scratch (i.e. - you don't have any supplies) is just a little more than $65 dollars. The really sad thing is you're making the models silver in the end...seems silly, doesn't it? But see? That's why I have so many models, it diffuses the cost of paint and brushes and sprays to more reasonable levels...yeah...that's it...so you shush about my buying habits....and you KNOW who you are! Yeah, don't try to play innocent!!

Anyway, onto actual stuff...I spent most of today cleaning out one of our labs via the network, God Bless Telecommuting. But Judas Priest there was a lot of crap there. Yeah, they shouldn't have been able to put it there, so it's kind of on us, but these kids were just dumb...D-U-M DUM!! The computers tag every file with the user who created it, so every file had the person who made it written right on it in plain english. Six hours after I started going through this, I finally get to the last computer. Out of 22 machines, 21 had software on them that shouldn't. The two page list of programs removed from the computers (and the students that they belonged to) was sent to the teacher, what she does with it from there, I don't care.

However, since that took MUCH longer than I planned on, I accomplished little else in terms of work today. Removed MSN from a laptop, and that was really all I could realistically get to since our teachers normally race the kids to the parking lots on Fridays (some teachers do that everyday). So I went to the toy store to try to remedy the problem with my Steel Legion having a lack of poses. Before you accuse me of being obsessive (which I am), I'm not kidding about the lack of poses. There are five poses. I have 10 of pose A, 9 of pose B, 3 of pose C, and NONE of pose D OR E. So I got a few blisters to help offset this deficiency, and noticed they had mispacked a plasma gunner with a Sergeant, so I essentially got a free model. Yay! Still need to get some more though.

Other than that, a ho hum day. Was supposed to talk to one of my friends, but didn't hear anything from her. Oh well, par for the course really. Still wondering where most of my other friends are, but I'll worry about it after dinner...so seeyas!

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So, the thought occured to me, LOOOOOONG after you posted this... that yes, your hobby is expensive! You know... that can be remedied! Just start covering *MY* expensive hobbies rather than your own.. at least then you get the wonderful feeling of generosity and the knowledge that you're making me happy by buying me that special "rabbit".. and I'll get the wonderful feeling of, well, you know. *nudge nudge* Aaah and the wonderful feeling of a certain someone's foot being shoved right up my ass as he boots me out the front door. *wink* Anyway, just a passing thought.. take it how you wish!

Posted by Ally @ 03/23/2003 09:51 AM EST

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