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Soooooooo, I suppose we do good work. We can now count our work orders on one hand. Not that any of you actually CARE, but I'm going to list them anyway! HA! IT'S MY SITE, I MAKE THE RULES!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

1) Synchroneyes acts funny. This one we've had for a while, but it's a fidgety problem that requires two (preferably three or four) people, a lot of time and no students. Since this program is about as non-essential as they come, it's been a fairly low priority to this point. We're looking at investigating early next week.
2) There's a Smartboard that doesn't work. The board needs a special connector to work, and the teacher lost his evidently. We've been trying to make them ourselves, but the guy who made them for us got the black and blue wires backwards...so back to the drawing board there.
3) A teacher wants shockwave/flash player loaded in a room. This, as a general rule, is not done except in labs that actually have the full Flash program loaded (i.e. - Web Design rooms). Why? Because there really isn't a good justification for it. The teacher wants to use it to access "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" online as an excercise for the kids to get used to SOL testing. Only problem is that it opens the door to all sorts of garbage. Since the teacher can't see 2/3s of her computers easily from her desk, this seems like an overall BAD idea. We need to talk to her department head though, and scheduling is always a pain.
4) Transportation wants anti-virus software loaded. Still waiting for them to actually BUY said software.
5) Teacher put in a work order saying a student doesn't have any files in his home folder. She's right, he doesn't. These are always my favorite problems. The ones caused by stupid users. The computer is set up so that only 2 people can get into his folder to begin with...the Administrators and the student himself. Now, if someone got a hold of an administrator password, they wouldn't stop at deleting one specific student's files, they'd delete ALL the folders, which would cause much more havoc, you know? Most likely what happend is our not-too-bright boy forgot to log off from his TechEd class...or one of his enterprising buddies deleted his files when he wasn't looking. Either way, it's kind of a "sucks to be him" situation. We don't back up these files because they're RAID, they don't *NEED* backups except to guard against stupidity...which is just a losing battle. Smart money says this student never has problems remembering to log off again.

Got my quote on shipping from Forgeworld today too. Twenty five bucks to have my Chaos Dreadnoughts here in a couple of days as opposed to twelve fifty to have them here in 2-3 weeks (more like 3-4 weeks...5-6 with the war). Normally I think RUSH shipping is a gip, getting it there a whole 2 days early at twice the price. But days as opposed to weeks? Well, that's a horse of a different color.

Seems like we're going to be at war soon...weeee...all I have to say is thank goodness my eyes suck. Means I'll be one of the last ones drafted if it ever comes to that. I'm not adverse to defending my country, and if someone were to INVADE the US I'd be one of the first ones grabbing a rifle, but this current war I have mixed feelings about. I agree that Saddam is a person who should be removed from power, but I just get the feeling that Bush is pushing this war because he wants a war. I don't think it's the US's business to police the world, because we are not a world government, but the United Nations is obviously more concerned with protecting their own interests than preserving world peace. Tangled tangled web we weave.

Oh, the current total for retirement is currently $316. Not bad for less than two weeks. At least the war is good for something I 'spose.

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