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03/18/2003 Archived Entry: "Slacker"

Wow, I barely did anything today. Kind of a nice change from doing everything. We're getting down to the point that we really don't have too many work orders we can actually work on. I'm sorry, but I can't make Gateway ship parts any faster (though I wish we *could*) and we can't make departments order software any faster (again, though I wish we *could*). So essentially what it boils down to is 25% of our work load is all we can feasibly do anything about. Doesn't really take much to get through them either.

So really I spent today reading posts on Dakka and finally caving in and ordering a pair of Chaos Dreadnoughts. How'd I go from not being sure about one to getting two? I don't know either...but I think Ally is to blame at some point.

Got a 95 on my Cisco test, so that's cool. Of course, when you look at the instructor's notes for the next Chapter (I read over the teacher's should from time to time) it starts off with "This is a grueling, theoretical chapter". Well, that's just a lovely start...of course, if it's a theoretical chapter, does that mean that the test is theoretical?

I'm still waiting for the Grey Knight Terminators to be released, and it feels like a grueling wait. I've been wanting them since the beginning of February, and it seems like they might not be released until the 27th. Of course, GW might pull one of their "we're still new to this calendar thing" like they've done a few times. I remember one thing said it'd be out late September (I think it was) and it was released so late in September that it is was October. I'm hoping that they get these absolutely gorgeous models out on time though...I'd hate to have to hurt them.

Anyway, got a big day of...um...stuff tomorrow. Laterz!

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