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03/17/2003 Archived Entry: "Oh yay....oh yay..."


So, it's been an eventful few days...I suppose.

Friday saw the conclusion (we hope) of our transportation adventure. Essentially we gave up on fixing the data and just loaded the original. Don't know what the hell happened, but I don't so much care as long as it's fixed. Plus it took up most of Friday, so I didn't have to do a whole lot.

Saturday began with the Great Computer Challenge at Old Dominion University. Illustrated to me how ridiculous my morning commute is as I made it to ODU, which is...bout 20 miles at least, in 40 minutes which is the same as it sometimes takes me to get to the administration center that is EIGHT miles away (and that's 8 going in the most back assward way, probably less if you could get a straight shot). Didn't do a whole heck of a lot, just fixed one laptop to avoid complications. Got paid for five hours of overtime, so hey...whateva. Also picked up some new storage units for the now gobs and gobs of toyz I had primered that were just sitting out just *begging* for the cats to knock them over. Now they are safely ensconced where it will take dedicated effort to scatter them, not that our cats won't mount that effort but at least they get exercise out of it.

Sunday was...blah. Family sucks, nuff said. Wonder if maybe I should move out now and use any money I gain from a raise in July to invest (more on that later). Spent most of the day watching Dune on Sci-Fi. Interesting little movies that...but after about 10 hours of it, I think I'm good (except, of course, for the new installments today and the next few days).

I took the time on Sunday to break my Steel Legion army out of its blisters. I was scolded mightily by Mrs. G for having had these models in their original packaging for longer than I'd known her. I am not quite thrilled with the poses of these troopers though. Seems Games Workshop didn't do a good job of packing and I ended up with with an awful lot of 2 poses of models. There are six different poses, so this kinda of miffs me a bit. Might need to add a few squads of the missing poses to kind of balance out the look. Also I was scolded for discovering I had 36 Imperial cruisers (34 plastic, 2 metal light cruisers). This doesn't seem so bad except you can only use 18 crusiers max in a game (normally...). Well, maybe the fleet wants to do wargames....have you ever thought of that???

Speaking of Mrs. G, I feel like I kind of landed her in a problem. She got a game (online multiplayer) because it was neat and she wanted to hang out with me, but the people who run this company have evidently discarded their brains (both cells of it) and are causing her no end of trouble and worries (No means no...and cancelled means cancelled). She insists that it's not my fault, but I can't help but feel that way. Kind of like "I wasn't the lesbian who rammed a fourteen inch dildo up your ass...but if you hadn't been on that errand for me, you wouldn't have been there in the first place." Of course, according to her lesbians are omnipresent, so she was going to get it sooner or later...but still...

Between that and other relations with the female species, it was a depressing night.

On the upside though, my retirement account has been started. March 7, 2003 was the date it was offcially opened with $300. As of March 14, 2003, it was worth $300.92! Now, a whole dollar might not seem like a big deal, but consider this, at a bank, $300 would return about a dollar a month or so, not a whole heck of a lot at any rate. From the bank I get $50 every 3 months...so $16 a month...and I have a special rate and it's also five figures earning interest. In essence, this account has already made in a week what savings would in months. That's just damned cool. PLUS, I didn't do *anything* for this money. It's not like work where I actually have to be somewhere to do something, this is just...free. Additionally, because it's a Roth IRA and after-tax money...that's *MY* dollar...Uncle Sam gets none of it! Plus it's neat to be able to use stock tickers now....not that they appear to DO anything, but it's still neat.

I've got to head out and fix a high school...so that's all the more I'm going to type for now, more later taters! Toodles and noodles, kaboodles!

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Eh, you should hear the lastest installment of Ally v EA.... it's fun! Wouldn't you know... I'm still an active member... they must really really like me! I should be soooooo flattered! Anyway, I, for one, am happy for your 92 cents! And... I'm bummed that you aren't in a talkative mood... I need someone to keep me occupied!

Posted by Mrs G @ 03/17/2003 07:20 PM EST

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