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03/14/2003 Archived Entry: "VICKERBY!"

Ahhhh, three pains in the ass down...some more to go.

I finally got everything done right for the connection database so we can let other (read: non-technican) people work with it. See the problem always was that the program hooks to a SINGLE server. We have FOUR. To change the address via the program itself you have to go in and change it, then restart the program and THEN work. Since regular people don't know these IP addresses of the top of their head like I do, this is a ricockulous process for just about anyone, even the techs don't have the program installed on our laptops because it was always easier to just remotely go to the server. Alas, we're the only ones who can do that so I've always wanted another way for "normal" people to do that and I just never found the time. Well, now I have! And what's more I get to bill the city for two hours of work already! I'm sorry, but this is one of those HUGE deals for our system...increases the response time of people drastically and reduces lost instructional time...see? I'm already a bureacrat. I just don't get time to play around with stuff anymore, so there are no improvements to the system like this very often. When they give me time to work on my little obsessive projects, things like this come along. Alas...maybe the situation will improve come July.

Secondly, I figured out how DFS (Distributed File System) works and actually got it working on the first try. This is a neat thing for tying places together and I'm thinking it will be good for administration to pass out files to the teachers without the need to email bulky files that the teacher's then forget where they are. Just have a folder they can all get to and they can pull it up themselves at any time. Think I'm going to hold off on actually DOING that until such time as the high schools have been upgraded to T3s...1.544mbps just doesn't cut it for some stuff...bring on the 45mbps! Of course, I know my most loyal reader is probably pouting over her 56kbps (actually, 53kbps...thank you ohsoverymuch FCC) right now.

Thirdly, I FOUND THE #@*()$#&$# PREDATOR PIECE (specfically, the front right reinforced armor plate). Why didn't I spell out any words? Because I've been so pissed off looking for it that I don't think any word truly describes what I felt. However, I found it (cat had knocked it into a bag of sprues....there will be a few summary executions in the morning...) and now the tank is together and (mostly) painted. My plan is to finish off a Havoc squad of four more guys (hopefully this weekend) and the Raptors (only five guys) and then prep a big varnish/basing party where I'll make everyone all nice and purty by finishing 21 marines and 2 tanks! Then I get to start the next batch of models...weeee....

As for the pains in the ass, eh...I'll see if they go away tomorrow...lol. I'm in a decent mood now and don't feel like spoiling it. Later taters!

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