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03/12/2003 Archived Entry: "Stupid....STUPID people..."

One word sums up today: ricockulous (pronounced ree-COCK-u-luss).

Where to start...ok, I start off reading how stupid one of my friend's significant other's is being. He's got this wonderful girl (sure, she's a bit nuts...but I think just about every woman is from time to time....just like guys are all dumb from time to time...call it estrogen poisoning) and he makes these personal verbal attacks and inflicts physical violence upon her. Now, I'm not saying he beats the tar out of her and leaves her all bruised and stuff, but he'll do little things that hurt her...though if he *actually* hurt her badly, I don't think he'd be around to talk about it...but still, you don't lay hands on someone you care about in anger...you just don't!

Then dopey (my dad) wanders in asking me if he can borrow some cash (nevermind that he's "borrowed" about 2 grand from me within the past year...rent free my ass...then again, things like power, water and car insurance sure are useful). I ask how much and he walks away! Deaf I guess...

The actual WORK day started off talking to the networking people about why the network doesn't work and why they tie up cables too tight. We have a lot of equipment that's been rendered useless by this practice of theirs, no matter how nice it looks visually...just not worth it. These guys aren't so bad, since they're techs. Seems like they heard what we were saying and maybe things will get taken care of, we'll see. That and we got the stinkin' Mac servers to talk to Windows client, which is something my boss has been asking for since I started working there.

Since she'd been waiting so long, I of course move up to provide her access post haste. Then I go to check on how Billy (my co-worker) is doing with some questions he needed to ask one of the department heads. This lead to the covering of various issues and, in fact, to an impromptu three hour meeting with two other people. Now, these people are fine individuals, but sometimes we don't see the same thing the same way. Sometimes with Billy this leads to some friction as he can be very excitable, especially when his blood sugars get low (he's diabetic). However, despite some real "what the bloody 'ell...." statements by the other people, he gets through the meeting ok and was probably one of our more productive ones...assuming any of us remember any of it.

Then we go downstairs while I check a voice mail. It's someone from transportation saying the data that we had to transfer from the training server to the real server (which we *told* them they shouldn't do...they should just view the training environment as completely unrelated and do the same thing to the production one...but noooooo, what do us stupid techs know?) wasn't working. Well, first off, our cell phones are *not* for the public to call us. They are for us (meaning techs) to communicate with other techs. There is an entire DATABASE devoted to nothing BUT communication from the public to Technology. Second, I am *not* the tech that supports them, something we mentioned *many* times when we set them up last night. They didn't even try to contact the person who *does* support them. Sure, he might not have been able to do a damn thing and ended up calling me anyway, but there's a reason we have these things set up. It is not *their* call on how we do things.

After we get back to the shop, we have a work order to install a program on a computer. This, on the surface, doesn't seem like a big thing except the organization that uses this program bought this person a laptop FOR THAT PROGRAM. WHERE is this laptop?? WHY are you not using it??? But, we go and look and turns out we never uninstalled the program from the computer in question in the first place (the laptops came after we had installed it on a machine at each school), so it's *still* on the machine.

Billy calls her to ask if she checked it and she was complaining that...and I'm quite serious...THE ICON WASN'T ON THE DESKTOP. Because, you know, the Start Menu is just *so* hard to work. Even my mom, who is not a computer guru especially on the Windows side, knows how to do this one! I find it inexcusable that a teacher who works IN A COMPUTER LAB finds this process too difficult. Then Billy asks the very pertinent question of if these kids have logins to get on the computer. We don't have generic ones and we issue them to the individuals we have information for (it's a security/accountablility issue). Of course, they don't have a login among them. So Billy, undoubtedly getting annoyed by the sheer lunacy here, says to hold and hands the phone to me saying that the students don't have passwords. The teacher maintains that he said that "they don't have any DAMN passwords" and gets all huffy about it. Ok, here's my take:

1) The comment was not directed at the teacher
2) The comment was not ABOUT the teacher...I mean, he didn't say "This damn idiot doesn't know what the hell they're doing" (which would have been an accurate assessment)

So she demands he be put back on the phone and yells at him and then HANGS UP. OMFG, are you a MORON? (Ok, we may have already established that this is the case) YOU DO NOT PISS OFF SUPPORT PEOPLE WHERE YOU WORK, YOU'RE NOT BUYING THINGS. When you buy a product, you expect a level of service because you're paying your own good money. This is a wholly separate reality from the IT support you get at work. You are PAID to be there, you are not paying. Do I mean that we can be asses and tell people to screw off? No...but you would be amazed how we can legitimately shove a work order so far down that we never get to it. We currently have 85+ machines that need to be prepared for summer, we have new server software we *must* to test before summer, and we have mission-critical programs that we can busy ourselves with and that's just the TIP of our workload. If we really want to, we can avoid a low-priority work order for MONTHS, especially one that's tantamount to "I'm too lazy to use the start menu" which I have always thought as fairly lazy to begin with.

Some people are just unbelievable. Especially since their overall boss is our overall boss, and our boss knows exactly how much the work we do is worth (i.e. - they pay the two of us about $50,000 to get the work that can cost other companies probably a good portion of a million dollars a year to get), so it's probably not a good idea to get snippy since you're really not going to make much headway going up the chain of leadership. ESPECIALLY since you're being the dumbass...even if what you claim WAS said (and I'm not entirely certain it was, I wasn't paying attention...see aforementioned work load for why) since you were *just* as rude if not more so.

So, now we adjust our travel plans to go to a different school instead, since we now only have about an hour left for work (he comes in an hour early, and I didn't have a lunch...since I was in that meeting). Funny how that works, huh? Well, the teacher we were going to see to install software for had gotten called away because her children were sick...ok, not like there's any help for that. So we try to install a new scanner, but the damned thing doesn't work out of the box! The carriage doesn't move...and we did it exactly as we have done the other three scanners just like this one that have worked flawlessly. To top it off, there's something stuck to the bottom of the glass, so it'd affect every scan with this bizarre mark. So back in the box, and back to the company we bought it from. No sense in putting up with that from a thing we just took out of the box, ya know?

About the only highlight of the day was one of my bosses gave me this neat Dell pen that has a gel grip and light's up when you click it three times. Very pretty pen for free. And the gel grip makes it extra fancy...

But yes, to sum up: ricockulous.

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