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03/10/2003 Archived Entry: "omFg...."

So, today has been interesting and it's only halfway through...yay! (Kill me now...)

To start, I must say the guys at Infogrames really know their audience. I was poking around Master of Orion 3 last night (my new game) and noticed a very convenient option that I don't know why more games don't incorporate. AN ALARM CLOCK. That's right, a little reminder that you should stop playing and go find a girl for a few hours (and yes, that applies to you female reader(s) as well). These games are highly addictive and you can really not notice the time going by. I remember playing Civilization 3 (another of their products) and often wondering "Hey, where'd those two days go?"

Work so far has been humorous...but not always in a good way. It starts off with me not getting coffee....as if I'm not incoherent enough in the morning. Second, the Network Admin...I dunno...he looked freakin' STONED in the meeting this morning or something. You know the look, just sitting there with a blank look and a half smile. I guess he doesn't function well without coffee either.

Then I'm working on this damned laptop....grrrrr....suffice to say it is being more of a pain in the ass than most of the girls I know put together and doubled. The most upsetting thing though was one of the other techs asked if I was married because I'm "filling out like guys usually do after they're married." So he's saying I'm fat!! And to top it all off, I don't get sex out of it like married men do! Ooooo, someone's gonna pay for this ripoff!

Funny moment of the day goes to T-Diddy, who is on some sort of high-protein diet. He was nuking his hard-boiled eggs and went to talk to P-Cho about something. Then he walks back to the microwave and the instant he touches the handle, you hear this dull *THUD!* from that region. As I'm sure you can imagine, one of the eggs had exploded, making a wonderful mess and causing me to laugh for a good five minutes at Thad. Like I told him, his mother must have stepped on a black cat's tail walking under a ladder while smashing a mirror when she had him.

I'll post later if anything more interesting happens, but since it never does....later!

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