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03/09/2003 Archived Entry: "Home from the wars"

Heh, today has been a slack, though not completely unproductive day. Just enough successful work to make you feel like you actually DID something when in reality, you didn't. Don't know if that makes any sense, but it does to me.

Started off trying to straighten out my room this morning. For those of you who have never been around me, saying I'm messy and unorganized is like saying those hypersonic jets sure do go fast. My room had just gotten to the point where I was unable to travel around it, so I set about at least clearing the floorspace. I think all the HAZMAT teams got home safely, so that was all well and good.

I then went out to get some superglue gel and a set of pliers. First I figured I'd go get cash, but then I get there and the ATM is closed. Loverly, so then I go to K-Mart, and lo and behold, they're out of the glue I was looking for. Next stop? The new Wal-Mart I haven't been to yet. On a lovely Sunday afternoon, that place is packed! I'm one of those people who, when the weather is nice at least, will park at the first spot rather than waste twenty minutes trying to find a close one. Of course, it's easy to forget the distance you can cover in a car is a lot quicker than on foot, even at parking lot speeds. Had I known how far I'd end up parking, I'd have brought a lunch and made sure I had a Sherpa or two. At least they had what I was looking for, and I picked up a video game besides. If nothing else, the car has a full tank of gas ($1.49! yeah!).

This was followed by another round of primering when I got home, this time a set of models that I'd had for, quite literally, years. And now I'm preparing to install my new game and play that till the time comes to go to bed perhaps.

Oh, and I discovered where my obsession with red heads comes from, but that's for me to know and you to find out! I'll probably post more later, but if not...don't be disappointed (for like the ONE person who actually reads this other than me).

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