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03/05/2003 Archived Entry: "Toolin' Along"

Ah, another Vendor Visit Day...though I didn't know that until about ten minutes before I saw the vendor. Dunno if I was not informed or simply am having a senior moment and don't remember it. Either way, not fun. He was done to install the software I mentioned earlier, and also questioned why we were doing it NOW and not when it was more convenient. This is especially true since, as he pointed out, that the new software is very different from what they were used to. Software went in without much ado, so all is well and I got a free lunch at CiCi's.

Today was absolutely gorgeous, and I got a whole bunch primered. To be detailed, 24 Fire Warriors, 19 Halberdiers, 8 Knights and 4 Gun Drones. How many of you cared about that? Absolutely zero, I'm sure, but it will be on the final, so you better learn it!

Unfortunately, shortly after I finished this around six or so...I fell asleep and just now work up....funny how that works. But tomorrow will be the big day, hopefully! I'll tell you if it is or not tomorrow. Laterz!

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