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03/03/2003 Archived Entry: "Wax on, Wax off"

Wow...been a few days since I posted...I feel as lazy as a girl who goes to USC that lives in Springfield with a last name starting with G. *wink*

This weekend was, as usual, pretty tame. If you haven't figured out by now, I lead a pretty boring life. I used to have a decent enough life, but as tiring, confusing and ultimately upsetting that was, I think I'm just fine in my little niche for now. Moving on though...

Outside of some primering of Empire soldiers and starting work on Chaos Predator, all I really did was talk to Ally and watch movies. That was a lot more fun than watching the movie alone, but of course, B movies are always kinda entertaining just for sheer wackiness.

Today was kind of bleh. We were informed they are installing AutoCAD in a few labs sometime this week. Loverly. WHY are we doing it at the midway point of 3rd nine weeks? What's wrong with the summer or, if it must be done NOW, Spring Break? Be easier for everyone involved, but they never ask me. On an up note, I got Macintosh clients communicating correctly with a Windows server...now to convince these people it is in their best intrest to just use what we have set up in the high school rather than re-invent the wheel. Should be fun.

I have also come to the conclusion that the human race is a stagnant species. What do I mean? That we, as a species, are not advancing. We have stifled evolution to the point that we cease to evolve. Sure, might not seem like a big deal since we've more or less conquered every part of the word we care about. The only part that worries me is that we *can't* be at the pinnacle of evolution...and if you're not going up, you're going down. There are so many things we still can't do that we have to have things left to develop...we are not a perfect species.

However, we have eliminated our main sources of advancement. We have no adverse climates to adapt to, we have no pressing need to develop greater intelligence, we have no natural predators, and we strive to not fight amongst ourselves. There is no conflict for our species, hence, there is no motivating force to adapt. Now, as individuals, I think we have some shining examples of people who have adapted to a variety of problems, but as a species, I see us sinking back. It seems like every year people get that little bit dumber, a little bit less self-reliant and more...sheeplike. I just think that the gene-pool is getting a little murky...pity we don't have a good way of clearing it up yet. Oh well, either I'm wrong, or I'm right....funny how that works, ain't it? Later.

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