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02/25/2003 Archived Entry: "Schoolin'"

So yeah, today was odd. I went to this Edulog training (EDUcational LOGistics) and while the majority of it was useless information for us, it was good that we were there to make sure everything worked. It is truly SCARY the amount of information they keep on people and you never really think about. Like I can run a little lookup for every student at Kecoughtan that's Asian (we did that actually) and it will show their names and where they live on a streetmap. That's just like...wow...Big Brother syndrome in the extreme for me.

Unfortunately, like I said, most of the stuff was just like "ok...not ever going to care about that..." but during the course of the training I was talking to Antaya's hubby (who is, quite literally, stationed in BFE...really!) and he sent this along. It provided me and the other tech endless amusement. It's also a good way to make money off stupid people.

Cisco went well, got a 100 on the exam and my group (composed of me and one other tech) is so far ahead of the other group (composed of three other techs) it's frightening. They're in the middle of the Chapter 6 labs while we're up to Chapter 9. Our teacher has told us to stop until they catch up. It's also interesting that every class our routers have a new problem (see also: visits from the fuck up fairy) from the other classes that use them, but we also seem to come up with the solution (I'd not be lying if I said the majority of the solutions came from me...but that'd just be bragging then).

I FINALLY FOUND MY EXTRA CHECKS! I had just used the last one for a loan check and needed one to set up my retirement stuff. Yeah, it's weird to think about retirement at the ripe old age of 22, but that's actually when they say is the best time to do it. Mainly because you don't care about the money for about 30 years, giving it tons of time to make money. Here's the part that sold me on the whole process: At an average rate of return of 10% (which, depending on the market can be a lot, or very little)...putting in 3,000 a year from 22 to 29 will yield $942,000 by age 62. You know how much money you get if you put in 3,000 a year from 29 to 62? 900,000 and change. That's a BIG difference both in what you get and what you put in. So, off I go to start that up.

That's all I can think of right now, so that's all you get! hehehe, I hear about three bottles of celebratory wine calling my name, so...later!

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*reminds krinny to put his extra checks in a place where he WON'T LOSE THEM AGAIN* k... thanx :)

Posted by Ally @ 02/27/2003 06:44 AM EST

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