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02/23/2003 Archived Entry: "And the madness continues..."

So anyway, yesterday was the day that my shiny new toy arrived. Ok, so it's made out of resin so it really isn't that shiny, but you get the idea. It's always been my dream (and yes, I admit that it's a dorky one) to have a Forgeworld Super Heavy tank, and now I do. I'm catching up with all that stuff I wanted to do when I was like...13, 14! Is it worth the (insane) amount of money? Probably not to one of you "normal" people...but I think it's great. Not quite as big as I thought it would be, but I haven't put it together yet either.

Sadly enough, I'm already looking at what new things I need to buy. I was informed recently that the book that contains the rules for my new toy isn't going to be released to stores in the US and must be special ordered from the UK. Well ain't that just ducky? Who knew that one letter of difference could mean so much? So I need to do ANOTHER order from the WarStore (who are actually really good guys and gals) and I'm debating on what else to get to make it worthwhile. I ran across these there and I'm kind of partial to the space one. I have a huge amount of ships for Battlefleet Gothic that I don't photograph because everybody comments on how the backgrounds never look "spacey". Plus, that seems like it'd look really cool for a game (not that I've ever played one).

I'm also being wishy-washy about getting a Chaos Dreadnought as they will be releasing some most impressive ones in March. Only downsides are that these would cost $64 as opposed to $35-40 for the current metal one and that it would take until the middle/end of March to get here by which time the Grey Knights will be sucking the money out of me. Combine that with the fact that I don't see how such a Dreadnought would really fit in with the army, and it's kind of a "meh" situation. Boring paragraph on rules for toyz follows so if you don't care, skip to the next one.

Chaos Dreads are Heavy Support (as opposed to Elites like the Loyalist marines) and I already have five heavy support options (2 Havoc Squads, 2 Predators and a Land Raider) and you're only allowed to field 3 in a game. On the other side of the coin, I have two Imperial Dreadnoughts painted and they're quite impressive when fielded together. That slot difference is huge though as a Dreadnought really isn't more effective than the Predators or the Havocs and only beats out the Land Raider because they are so expensive in game terms. The Imperial Dreadnoughts are matched well with Terminators and Veterans (the other Elite options) so it doesn't hamstring your army to field them. Blah, I'm confused myself so I know I just lost all of you...so moving on.

My Chaos Raider got its new treads in the mail as well, so that's happy. Since I bought the model at a discount, the treads only raised the price to $51, which isn't terrible as the unupgraded model is $45. Basically all these treads do is replace the design with the arrows that symbolize Chaos and (more importantly) make it so you don't have to use Imperial Eagle tracks. That would have bothered me to no end if I'd had to make it those Eagle treads. I know GW can't make a new mold JUST for that model (which would probably have cost them six figures to do such a thing, passing the cost to us) but it was still frightfully annoying as it's saying that in 10,000 years, not a single Chaos Marine thought to scrape off the icon of the very power they were rebelling against. Yes, I realize a universe of demons and psychics and aliens and superhuman warriors requires a certain suspension of belief, but I *do* have my limits. Don't even get me started on the Catachan 5+ armor save when they're wearing wife beaters and parachute pants which is the same as a Cadian in a flak vest with a helmet... *grumble*

Anyway, this has rapidly turned into a toy post, which pretty much summarizes my weekend. I need to go to the store to pick up the latest copy of White Dwarf so I can drool over the upcoming Grey Knight models. Toodles!

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Ahem. *cough* What is today?? And when was your last update?? *cough cough* Yeaaah.. that's what I thought .. you non-updater!

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