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02/21/2003 Archived Entry: "Rollin...Rollin down the river"

Ahh, Friday. These are the days that are the most fun as I just kind of roam around and do whatever. It's just as well as I work so, so hard every other day of the week. Hey, almost said that with a straight face too. Anyway, I've decided I'm a Games Workshop addict. I have way too many models and yet, I seem to be acquiring more constantly. You have to figure eventually I'll stop simply because there will be nothing more to buy, but that has yet to happen. It'd be easier if I had a girlfriend who took away most of my money so I couldn't spend it (like I used to have at one point...*sigh*) but at least I get something to show for it.

The past few days have been, meh. Yesterday would have been really sucky for it's past significance, but I got an email saying the models I've been waiting for from the UK were shipped, so all was happy. Hopefully I have enough to keep me busy enough to not think for a few...years.

And, for those who don't already know...this is hot...coming August 2003!

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