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02/19/2003 Archived Entry: "Uncle Edulog"

Ahhh, another Vendor Visit Day. Today is when Edulog came to install their special software, and since it encompassed lunch, we managed to con the guy into buying us lunch (seriously...we went "well...the last vendor bought us lunch...." which is true!) so it was nice to get a Chinese buffet for free. The bill for 4 people was 26 bucks before anyone accuses us of stealing. I'm sure their software cost considerably more.

There's another piece of software out there at Transportation that's giving us fits right now about letting more than one person using it. Need to poke that one some more. The response from the company thus far has been similar to the mechanic telling you the rattle in the back of your car is caused by the fan in the engine. Ah well...

Then one of my bestest friends is going through some stupidity with her ball-n-chain. The shoe is on the other foot for once and now it's my turn to look and not know what to say. I can't say this is a welcome change, but variety is the spice of life I suppose. Probably lean on her tomorrow...

I'm still waiting to be let in There...but I'm not cool enough yet. Anyway, tomorrow is another day.

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