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02/17/2003 Archived Entry: "Oh yay"

Wow, today sucked for so many reasons. First off, I woke up at quarter to five. What the hell? I go to bed at midnight thirty and wake up at 4:45? Second, I had to go to work and put in these new computers...and I hate driving in the rain. At least nobody else was working (being president's day and all) so I made decent time.

Setting up the computers went...eh...it's still going. Computer switchouts are never easy unless everything is done right the first time. Since we were replacing stand-alone Macs with domained PCs, that got real ugly real fast. Add to the mix that most of the people there have very limited experience with Windows and you've got a fun time. I can't blame the people for not knowing Windows, but I do feel for them having to learn a brand new OS just to do their job. However, they fact that their computers are twice the processor speed of my own does much to ensure I don't feel *too* sorry for them. I do find it incredibly hilarious that they have gigabit NICs for a 10 megabit network. For those who aren't computer geeks that's like "Yeah! We have a Ferrari! but all we have are dirt roads and it rains a lot..." Oh yes, the guy who was supposed to come install the software had his flight canceled, so he won't be here till Wednesday. Loverly...especially since my compatriot will be off after tomorrow so I'm more or less the Windows support for the school system and I have to be there for this software install. Woo...

Dealing with my family is always fun...but I do believe I've bored enough people with the details so suffice to say, after working all day at transportation a quiet relaxing evening at home was not in the cards. This is where I miss being able to have that person who always makes you feel better around, even if they really don't do anything. Ally did a remarkable job of filling in, but...I dunno, somethings I guess even the best people can't help with.

Moving out would be an option, but I think that'd be stupid as I'm supposedly getting a substantial raise in June/July (like, potentially doubling my salary...well, first making me salary and then doubling it) so trying to buy a house now seems dumb because later I can buy a house that would be better suited for my needs. At least that's how it seems to me...who knows. Still waiting for that redhead...

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Yup.. I do try. *sends <3 to you* But.. you'll be able to move out and start anew... so... eat it, krod.

Posted by Ally @ 02/17/2003 11:28 PM EST

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