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02/13/2003 Archived Entry: "Another Day, Another Fifty Cents"

Oi, I hate being just sick enough that you know you're not 100%, but not sick enough to stay home. It sucks royal monkey balls...and those are some big balls, it's good to be the king.

Anyway, Massah P-Cho has returned from importing his wife from Korea, so it's nice to have him back in the shop to rag on. Before anybody gets the wrong idea, P-Cho is actually *from* Korea (South...or so he claims!), so it's not like he mail ordered her (or so he claims!). I just find it funny that the day after he returns to work from bringing her here, he's shopping for a new mattress. Guess we know what happen to the old one!! Ok, so we really don't, but that won't stop us from making innuendos about it!!!

I finally (FINALLY) fixed Symantec Anti-Virus so that it actually updated the definitions (which hadn't been done since the day after Christmas since the bastard program wouldn't work right). Another one of those "find the damned checkbox and CLICK THAT MOTHER FLUCKER (inside joke) UNTIL IT DON'T CLICK ANYMORE!" Of course, after realizing it was fixed and clapping my paws with barely contained glee for about five minutes, I got the rest of the system up to the 2/12/03 definitions (which went pleasantly fast enough). *checks calendar* yeah, that's good enough for them...especially the school that was still back in October on those things. Yes, we've been that busy that it took me this long to figure it out. On the flip side, had I spent hours and hours looking at this, I'd have been really pissed off at the answer. Our system has yet to be blown up by a virus, so no harm done to this point.

I have a Cisco (no, nothing neat involving pepsi and/or thongs) exam today, which really sucks as I barely remember the material it's on. We're so far beyond the stuff we're being tested on it's sad. It's like chapters 2 and 3 when we're starting chapter 5. Hopefully I won't screw it up, but hey...first time for everything right?

In a brief moment of reflection, it's kinda odd the way life turns out. I started work today at my old middle school and it was kind of odd walking down the halls before school seeing all the kids lining the hallways thinking "Man, doesn't seem like it was terribly long ago that I was one of those" but then I stop and realize that it's been about a decade. Really odd to feel old at the ripe old age of 22, and yet I do sometimes. Maybe working around all these scurrying rugrats is doing that. I sure as hell don't remember girls like that when *I* was in school. Of course, girls never seemed to want to talk to me then (or now...) so I wouldn't be too much surprised if someone told me that *did* look like that. Just kind of odd because I would have laughed if you'd told me then I'd be coming back to that building when I got out of school. Of course, back then I was going to have a gorgeous wife and be planning on kids, so obviously my plans suck.

Quote of the Day goes to T Diddy when he and J Fair were gabbing about all the hot chicks coming to the building to get their city decals. I would always arrive too late to see them so I said "Man! We need to get you a digital camera or something" to which he replies "We got 'nocs (binoculars, for those who don't know)! but...I guess that doesn't do you any good" NOT UNLESS THEY TAKE PICTURES THEY DON'T! But, that's T Diddy for you...the Vinny of the 21st century. Anyway, I'll probably post more in the evening time, unless I get lazy, and then I won't. I'm just that tricky...you never know what I'll do next!

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Yeah Yeah, I went back to visit my old 2nd grade teacher.. and 5th grade teacher once. They actually remembered me. Sad, I know. But it was just neat. I haven't been anywhere near my middle school, and I doubt I'd remember my way around the damned buildings. I have plans to visit my high school again, and just walk around like a dork for a few hours. Not until I graduate from USC though. That way I have something to keep me in college, no matter how 'tarded it is.

Posted by Ally @ 02/13/2003 02:11 PM EST

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