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02/11/2003 Archived Entry: "Free Lunch"

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. This is probably true, but there are damn sure lunches that I don't have to pay for! Today was Vendor Visit Day at work, which is the term I use to describe when some guy from a company (makes as much per month as I do per year probably) comes to us to examine some sort of major problem and tries to fix it so we don't take our business elsewhere. Could the fact that there's a $3 million purchase of this equipment coming up influenced their arrival? Naaaaaaah.

So anyway, they brought us donuts, always good. We then explained to them what was going on (and when I say we, I mean the other two guys from our group) and we waited around for the network to die. Since that's really boring, we showed them around the new building, etc. and conveniently enough, a switch died before we went to the school. Well, it wasn't the problem we were looking for, so we go over to one of the PC labs (my reason for kinda inviting myself along...hehe, but hey, if you're going to pin this problem on my computers, I'm gonna be there!) and adjust their configuration back to the no worky state. Nothin seems that out of the ordinary, so me, being my brilliant self, hops next door and starts up this piece of software that *I* had said might be causing problems. The error counter starts going up, but nothing happens for a while other than the number gets bigger. So we go to lunch...on their dime...I love Vendor Visit Day. We come back and the switch has sure enough died while we were gone (going by some logs, a few minutes later) and the vendor guy damn near danced a jig that we had broken their equipment as now they can tell the engineers what to look at.

This is the part that I left at (as I'd had *my* free lunch) and went to SAC (School Administration Center...for those perverts out there) and then back to class at Tommy Tech. The sad part about this is the school in question is down the street from my house...SAC is on the other end of the city. So I go from my house, to SAC, to the school, back to SAC, to Tommy Tech (which is on the same street as the school!). Sadly, to do it any other way would have meant missing out on donuts...and you simply don't do that.

Anyway, I have a busy day tomorrow setting up 14 OptiPlex 260Ds. Sounds impressive, huh? It's not really, I'll set up the servers to do most of the work (which really isn't that involved once you know how to do it) and just spin around in my chair really fast. That's what I do most of the day really...though usually I move around the shop on the chair because I can feel like a monkey or something...that and it annoys the hell out of those poor Mac-supporting bastards who actually have to *do* work. Word to the wise: do NOT buy an iBook...sure it's cute, but you look at it the wrong way and something will break on it! If you *must* buy a Mac laptop, first seek mental help, then (assuming your psychosis is uncurable) buy a Powerbook. Of course, I use a Dell.

Oh yeah, think I'm getting sick too. Anyway, later!

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