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02/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Another day..."

Anyway, calm enough day I suppose. Started off badly enough when my morning commute took FORTY FIVE minutes. Judas priest! I know there are people here who drive an hour to and from where they need to be but 1) They don't live in the same city as their destination and 2) they are most likely insane. See, they get to cover like a real distance in an hour...like 45, 50 miles. I covered 7 miles...SEVEN. Gr!! Stupid alert...and damn the city for screwing up every route to work that doesn't go through twenty school zones or by a military base...it's a conspiracy...

Work itself was all right. An illustration in why the hell my job is a pain in the ass and I don't believe the people who go "oh, I could do your job" (which is a lot of our Mac techs really). TWO places, SAME problem, SAME error messages, DIFFERENT causes. Sad part is that it took me as long as it did to figure it out. One was just a share permission was off. One checkbox and it's fixed. The other was caused when some class group names from last year got recycled. The name you see setting up security is different from the one that you see when adding groups. Why? Because Microsoft is evil...and they want you to suffer. Although, to be fair, Microsoft does normally fix the stupid things they do, they just tend to do more stupid things when the fix the first one.

Transportation is going to be ugly, I can tell. Gotta set everything up in a week...and it's just like, blah. Between that and class and bringing another tech up to speed in addition to taking care of everything else...grr! Guess this is why they call it work, eh? Oh yeah, get to work on a big network problem tomorrow, but at least they'll have donuts.

Unfortunately, my throat is starting to bug me...BAH! Just what I need when I can't afford time is to get sick...dammit all! I blame Ally, but that's just because I always blame her. World hunger? Violence? Poverty? Pauly Shore? All her fault. She's got broad shoulders, just pile it on. Lub you Ally! *looks around innocently before running off*

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Mmmmmmmhmmm. My fault indeed. 1. I dunno who "polly" shore is... so I cannot assume the blame for him, however Pauly Shore is a different story, and I'll entirely shoulder that blame. I used to think he was the hottest thing... ever see "In The Army Now"?? Mmhmm. He was hot with a buzz cut, I tell ya! Work, however, I am not familiar with, and as such cannot share in your pain. hehe

Posted by Ally @ 02/10/2003 11:21 PM EST

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