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02/10/2003 Archived Entry: "The Dogs of War"

A'ight yos...ok, I'll stop trying to act ghetto now...too white to pull that one off. Just got in from a gaming fest...wow I keep forgetting how long 2000 points a side takes when you have 3 people. We started at about 6 and it finished around 11...although we had a few distractions getting started.

So anyway, Saturday turned into a bust. Oh well, stuff happens I guess, it's only a game. If I really really want to play, I have enough to play for weeks and not finish (if I ever painted all of it). Sometimes stuff comes up. Then the day turned pretty lazy which spilled over into Sunday.

I had a lot of stuff I actually wanted to do today, but didn't seem to get around to doing most of it. I would get a little bit done, but then get bored. It sucks having no attention span sometimes. I did get the new mounts on the Predators and cussed for a bit about forgeworld as I now need to heat and repair one of the doors for the other Predator. As much as they charge for this stuff, you'd think it'd be 100% perfect everytime, c'est la vie I suppose. About the only thing I accomplished like i wanted was making it to World's Best for the aforementioned game. I'll delve into that now, so if you have no interest, skip to the paragraph after next.

We had it set up as a three way battle of 2,000 points a side between Necrons, Imperial Guard (Cityfighting, for those that means anything to) and Black Widow Space Marines (a variant on the Blood Angels). Strictly speaking, I lost as my army was forced to phase out (rule for the Necrons when they lose 3/4 of their core troops is they just vanish) but in terms of general ass-whomping my guys definately were a strong second if not first. I hesitate to put them near first though as they got whomped as much as they whomped. Kudos definately go to the Black Widows who won the game pretty much on any basis you want to compare. Highlights of the game: the phantom shooting phase of the Black Widows where they failed to hit just about everything, the Death Company Chaplain and Eversor assassin more or less single-handedly taking out the whole Necron army, the Necron Destroyers living up to their name and putting most of the Imperial Guard army in flight, and, the true highlight, the Imperial Guards reinforcements of Deathwatch Space Marines (real badasses) worth about 500+ points dropping down, killing a Heavy Destroyer and then being annhilated the following turn by some very angry Necrons. The truly funny part, the Hive Gangers (about 90 or so points) destroyed two Wraiths (worth 82 points) and the Deathwatch for all their might succeeded in killing one unit worth 90 points. After the game they said it was a well-fought game and that it was about the best use of Necrons they'd really ever faced (though from the way they talked that wasn't saying much). Till the end they Necron's gave good accounting of themselves, but they just don't have the stuff to crack that pesky marine armor.

Anyway, all in all a decent enough weekend. I'm damned tired though, standing for that amount of time really wears on you, especially with the emotional aspect of playing a game like Warhammer. It doesn't seem like much, but it's really frustrating when you get everything right where you want it, and then the dice stab you in the back. Bastard dice...that's all they are. Toodles and Noodles, Kaboodles!

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If you ever.. and I mean EVER say the phrase "Toodles and Noodles, Kaboodles" again, you will be hurt. Badly. K?? *grin* Other than that.. you had a more eventful weekend than I did, so nyah! *sticks out tongue*

Posted by Ally @ 02/10/2003 12:21 AM EST

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