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02/07/2003 Archived Entry: "Well spank my ass and call me Charlie"

The purveyors of all that is evil

Ok, so they're not *totally* evil...and they aren't lead by the Dark Prince...but, they have to be run by Satan's first cousin or something. Why do I say that about this company? BECAUSE THEY TAKE TO MUCH OF MY MONEY...ok, they don't hold a gun to my head or anything, but the rat bastards keep producing models that are better and better so I keep buying them....the bastiches!

As I said, the "Battle Wagon" rolled in today. This is basically a van that Games Workshop (hereafter refered to as GW or GDubbs) stocks full of miscelanous pieces of models for people to buy for any variety of reason. They also sell Forgeworld accessories for their stuff which makes it one of three places in the whole of the US you can actually walk away with Forgeworld gear (normally you wait for a month or so to have it shipped from the UK). They also usually show off some upcoming releases (the last time they were in town that I made it, they showed off the Tau...which is when I realized I'd probably be starting one of those armies). This time, they showed off the Grey Knights, especially the ones in Terminator armor. Oh...my...God...those things are fucking amazing (you hear that Ally?? *FUCKING* amazing)! I would have probably sold most of you into slavery for a boxed set...ok, maybe just organ harvesting...but still. It's really sad that I can look at a boxed set and go "Oh crap...I'm going to buy one of those". At least these sets will come out AFTER pay day, so that's good.

As far as actual gaming goes, no luck. I *did* manage to set up some games for Saturday AND Sunday. For me, this is about as close to a great weekend as it gets. About the only way it gets better would be if someone got me a gorgeous red-head as a present...female red-head since I know a lot of smart-asses swing by here. If someone would actually do that for me, I'll be their best friend forever!! Really! Anyway, I'm dog tired now, so I'm not going to type anymore (if you haven't noticed "short post" is not included in my lexicon). I'll see if I can let you know how the games go, if I play. Adios amigos!

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