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02/07/2003 Archived Entry: "And the beat goes on..."

So anyway, I'm trying to get into the habit of posting everyday because so much stuff happens, I forget stuff. We're talking a memory span of 4 hours or less in most cases. Senility is just so much fun! Moving on though, today was pretty chill. Went to a couple o' the schools, set up some printers...jury-rigged some fan housings ("My computer makes a noise when I get it up to 800MHz on the highway...") etc. Normal dork stuff. Gotta order a hard drive for a computer at some point, but that's a pretty simple process with Dell. "Yo, your computer says it needs a new drive" "Ok, here ya go"...wonderful, the fact that I can press three buttons and tell whether or not a drive is phyisically good is wunderval in and of itself. If you have any influence over what computers your place of employ buys, go Dell.

Speaking of Dell, we got to unload the last (that I know about) shipment today. I'll miss the loading dock, because it was just a fun place. Almost made me wish I was in the trucking industry where you have forklifts hauling stuff everywhere. They must be such industrious places. Of course, being lazy and weak (compared to the behemoths that do this stuff for a living) I'd probably be canned in a week.

The toy wagon (Battle wagon is its "official" designation) is in town today, information that reached me yesterday....God Bless the Postal Service. So I've got a pair of armies loaded into the back of the car on the odd chance that some other dork brings one of his. I really haven't played in over two and a half months, but at least these guys won't have the "standard gray camoflague" (read: dust) that the displayed models have. I'm lazy, so they've been in carrying cases that long. I'm still pissed that I forgot the Land Raider, but I'll live I guess. How you forget something the size of your HEAD, I don't know, but I found a way. For more info on toyz, click the button marked =I= and it will take you to what I've gotten done for here. I don't know when I'll be home, but whenever I do get home, I'll probably babble on about what games (if any) I played. Till then, toodles!

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