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02/06/2003 Archived Entry: "Ah the Fuck Up Fairy"

It's a good thing I don't own guns. That was going to be the title of this post, but I want that to be plainly visible. THREE incredibly stupid incidents within TWO HOURS of each other. That's a stupid incident every 45 minutes! Let's run down them, shall we?

1) We have a department getting some new computers to go with some updated software (the previous software being from somewhere around 1990 or so). Now, the invoice has all 14 of them being delivered to the main office building. This is brilliant because NONE of the machines are going into there. They are going into a building ACROSS THE COMPLEX from the warehouse. Why not deliver it to the building itself? They have no space, seriously. They would have to put them in closets but they can't because they've been converted into offices where people have two computers (and I am *not* kidding). Moving on, the head shop honcho has been told that 7 would need to be in the office for when they did the training on the new software. Talking to the department members though, they will be installing the software at the site mid-February and not training until sometime in MARCH. What the bloody 'ell....so with this headache fresh in my mind we move on to...

2) The aforementioned meeting. The software itself was mahvelous. LIGHT YEARS beyond what they're using now. I enjoyed the presentation (especially our nice female presenter...smart girls...rawr!) and the software is *very* cool, and I don't even like this stuff. There were petty concerns expressed about people being able to put whatever transaction date but it's almost like "you know, at some point you get that piece of paper from the bank that says what you have and if those numbers don't add up, THEN you know to go back into their records..." but that's not my call so I just kept my mouth shut. HOWEVER, after the meeting (which ended at 3:40, see previous post about class time), a woman starts asking questions about a previous problem which has been explained to her numerous times that we are *not* going to attend to because the problem is *not* with the portion supported by us. This prompted a tirade about "I thought we were on the same team" etc. etc. which made me want to say "And buying software that Technology didn't recommend and that the ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDANT advised you against buying is really being a team player?" Of course, I'm far too politic when it comes to work so I explained a simple procedure in IE (File -> Print) to verify whether or not the problem was ours. If it prints, it's not...if it doesn't, at least part of it is. Fair enough in my opinion.

3) During the above conversation, my partner gets a voicemail on his cell phone from the head of ANOTHER department saying they had a show that evening and they needed some computers to work off the network (our system is tight with the network, which is DAMNED lucky for them). They have known about this for a WEEK and they just NOW at 3:45 are pondering what's going to happen in three hours? One of the teachers involved (a great guy, and I would not mind doing this for him b/c I know he'd do the same for me if I asked the equivalent of him) said the other teachers (who had the real problem, he just got stuck dealing with it...I feel for him) must have assumed that their stuff would work like it did last year (YOUR COMPUTERS WERE WHITE LAST YEAR!! NOW THEY'RE BLACK!! DIFFERENT!!). You should never assume because it makes an ASS out of U and ME. So I got to spend about 40 minutes after I got out of class (which is a half-hour beyond my normal work time ANYWAY) fixing these machines from home so they can do their show. Like I said, they're damn lucky I'm good at my job or they'd be in the creek with their paddle seven miles upstream...the teacher I was talking to summarized it best with the following comment (not an exact quote, but close):

"I have the tech on the phone right now and he's getting them to do what we need....but about ten minutes ago, tonight wasn't going to happen."

I'm just that damn good. Laterz

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You are not that damn good unless I SAY you're that damn good. Now bow before me and beg me not to punish you for your insolent behavior! Just kidding, you ARE that damned good! :)

Posted by Your Master. @ 02/06/2003 06:27 PM EST

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