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02/06/2003 Archived Entry: "Ok...yeah..."

So, driving into work this morning it occurs to me that I have a meeting at 2:00PM to see some new accounting software demo-ed. This SUCKS because I have a class at the other end of the city at 3:00PM and it takes about a half an hour to drive there. We're probably going to have an exam today (despite the fact that half the class won't be there most likely) so who knows how I'll fit into that? Oh well, it's mostly techs from the city and the instructor is really cool, so it'll probably work out, I just hate remembering stuff like that. Why don't I just skip the meeting and go to class since my attendance is not expected? Because this software is to replace the most god awful program I've ever seen and I want to make sure the geniuses that bought it in the first place don't have another visit from the F***-up fairy. When you have SEVEN DIFFERENT people tell you that a program isn't good anymore and won't work well, why would you still buy the bad one? grrrr....

In other news, we have about 48 computers coming in tomorrow afternoon, again this sucks because that means we have to wait around for the truckers to show up (Friday is my lazy[er] day, so I usually don't stay all that long beyond when the schools let out). If it's the guy we normally get driving it's ok, because he's actually pretty cool. That and he can back a tractor trailer around a curve on a sidewalk without even breaking a sweat. Damned impressive that. If we get some other jackhole though, ye gods knows. At least this time we don't have to unload the two tons of computer equipment by hand...I'll recount the horror stories of the summer of 2001 some other time though.

And don't you hate it when you sit down and you plan out your money for the next while and decide "Yeah, I can make that big purchase" and then the next week something comes along and rips those plans to shreds? Yeah...it sucks, you know it. Had everything nice and planned out, bought myself some fancy toyz with my tax refund (and I thought I was being very good in that I only spent half of my refunds instead of buying everything I wanted and blowing it all) then it comes along that I have to shell out over 1400 bucks in the next three days. Ain't that just ducky?? I suppose I'm better off that most in that I actually HAVE that kind of money on hand to spend and not be sent to the poor house, but it doesn't suck any less for that!! GRRR! I HATE STUPID PEOPLE!! Well, mostly just particular stupid people, but that's another story...

*sigh* Another boring day in the life of Krinny, what can I say? I evidently need to pattern myself more closely after our DBA (DataBase Administrator, for those non-ITers out there) since he gets to order all sorts of cool toys... *grumbles about iPods w/20GB HDs and 16MB USB keychains*

OMG...another visit from the f***-up fairy! OMG...I will have to see if I can type this up later because I don't have the time now. On an up note though, our trucker buddy said he'd try to get to us as quickly as he can (he likes us! he really likes us!) so maybe I won't need to be here very long. Really sad, I started typing this at 11 AM and now it's almost time for the 2PM meeting...long ass update though, so it's all good. See yas around!

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