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02/05/2003 Archived Entry: "So...it begins"

I'm basically just screwing around with greymatter, getting the feel for it and what not. After about five years, I finally got my website transfered to somewhere interesting and, at the urgings of one AG, started a blog...just like everyone else in the known world. What can I say? I'm just a social lemming. Anyway, I'm currently just goofing off and seeing how this works out and all. AG, the ever talented, is still working on the layout for the site, so most of you will undoubtedly be reading this well after it was written (assuming that anyone reads it at all). Moving right along though, I'll post more if/when AG completes the site and all the pages and stuff get hooked up. Till then, ummm...this will be the only post. ;) Unless I get bored...

Replies: 2 Witch Burnings

So much doubt in the Ally. Can't be good. *shakes head* hehehe I for one, look forward to your bloggin'. :) So do your neighborhood Ally a favor and update bunches!

Posted by Ally @ 02/05/2003 09:13 PM EST

I'll update, you go find people to come here. ;)

Posted by Krin @ 02/05/2003 09:15 PM EST

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